B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison: 2018 Edition

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B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison: 2018 Edition

With the help of business-to-business (B2B), companies are able to gain new clients and receive new orders without wasting precious time and energy on marketing or other activities. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to create relationships with new clients over the Internet. Nowadays, there are many B2B eCommerce websites. Most of these websites were built or are managed via some of the many specially designed platforms. If you are new in this field and you want to take advantage of this sector, our advice is to check our latest B2B eCommerce platform comparison list.


DemandWare is a platform that was designed for retail users. This means that it’s not a perfect example of a B2B platform, but many users will find it useful. DemandWare has a specific system that creates strong relationships with their clients. Keep in mind that if you choose DemandWare for B2B activities, you don’t own the code and you will have to share your data with them and select a hosting solution via DemandWare. This can be a huge downside for many business owners.


Even those who don’t have much experience have heard about Magento. This is an open-source B2B and B2C eCommerce platform with a strong community that’s always prepared to help others. One disadvantage of using Magento is that you can’t expect to manage complex B2B pricing easily. With the right implementation, Magento can be scaled without any hassles. That’s why it is highly recommended to have a good business plan before using any of these platforms.


According to many experts, Bigcommerce is a solid platform which is especially good for beginners. Bigcommerce has a wide range of features that can help business owners expand and promote their business and strengthen their brand. But, all these things come at a price. In other words, you should be prepared to pay more if you are planning on using Bigcommerce.


Finally, users should consider ShoppingCartElite. This is a relatively old B2B eCommerce platform that can take care of all your needs. Thanks to this solution, you can easily track and analyze web traffic, enhance SEO efforts, manage CRM and CMS and do many other things that can help you improve your B2B venture. On top of that, this option comes at a fair price.

We hope that this blog post will help B2B users to find the right platform for their business.

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